Dziennik Zachodni.pl, 24.09.2016

20 April 2017

In the Palace of Culture in Zagłębie was hosted by the 10th Michal Spisak International Music Competition, performing in three instrumental specialties: flute, trumpet and cello. The last chord of this great event was the final concert of the winners.

After the exciting auditions and getting to know happy winners, it was time to sum up the musical feast.

On Friday, September 23, 2016 in the theater hall of the Cultural Palace in Zagłębie there was a festive award ceremony and, most importantly, a concert performed by the best musicians of this year’s edition – the laureates of the first places. The young instrumentalists on stage were accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the Zabrze Philharmonic under the direction of Sławomir Chrzanowski, who participated in Stage III of the Competition.



First prize: Maria Kerner (Hungary)
Second prize: Marianna Żołnacz (Poland)
Third prize: Natalia Jarząbek (Poland)
Distinction: Anja Podpecan (Slovenia)


First prize: Aleksander Kobus (Poland)
Second prize: Wojciech Kaszuba (Poland)
Third prize: Adrian Gaweł (Poland)
Distinction: Jonasz Dziuba (Poland)


First prize: Alicja Kozak (Poland)
Second prize: Kim Jin Kyung (Korea)
Third prize: Jan Lewandowski (Poland)
Distinction: Zofia Ziemkiewicz (Poland)

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