Germán Andrés Castiblanco Moreno

Clarinet / Colombia

He started his musical studies at the Fundación Orquesta Sinfónica Juvenil de Colombia in 2010. He graduated from the National University of Colombia in the clarinet class of Robert De Gennaro. He also studied with José Gómez, Guillermo Marín and Felipe Jiménez. He participated in master classes with Wenzel Fuchs, Julien Hervé, Jérôme Schmitt, Maria Francesca Latella, Mathew Hunt, Thomas LeGrand, Andrè Moisan, Laurent Ben Slimane, Jhon Bruce Yeh, Julie DeRoche, Gervasio Tarragona, among others. He is currently doing his Master’s degree at the Sibelius Academy with professors Harri Mäki and Kari Kriikku.

He is the winner of the Young Soloists Competition of the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra in 2018, 1st prize in the 2018 National Soloists Competition of the Antioquia Symphony Orchestra, and 2nd prize at the 3rd International Clarinet Competition in Monterrey (Mexico) in 2019.

He has appeared as a soloist with Colombian Youth Symphony Orchestra, Chía Municipality Symphonic Band, National University of Colombia Wind Orchestra, Antioquia Symphonic Orchestra, Bogotá Youth Philharmonic Orchestra, and he was invited by Q-arte for the Colombian national premiere of Eccentricities by Rashid Kalimullin.

He has performed with the Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra, played as the principal clarinet in several programs of the Youth Philharmonic of Colombia, and as the principal clarinet in the Bogotá Youth Philharmonic. He also performed with the Järvi Academy Youth Symphony Orchestra 2019 in Estonia.

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