Maurycy Hartman

Clarinet / Poland

Maurycy Hartman was born in 1999. He began his artistic education at the age of 7 in the piano class of Karol Szymanowski State Music School Complex no. 4 in Warsaw. After three years, he began studying clarinet in the class of Prof. Dorota Żołnacz.

Maurycy Hartman is a laureate of many national and international clarinet competitions, including 1st place at CEA Music Competition, 1st place at the National Clarinet Competition in Wrocław, 1st place at the West Pomeranian Clarinet Festival in Szczecin, special prize at the International Clarinet Competition in Hořice (Czech Republic), Silver Plaque at the Emona International Wind Instrument Competition in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and 2nd place at the Clarmeet International Clarinet Competition in Porto (Portugal).

He constantly develops his skills in playing the clarinet and takes part in master classes with world-renowned clarinet virtuosos, such as Paul Meyer, Florent Héau, Wenzel Fuchs, David Krakauer, Arkadiusz Adamski, Paolo Bertramini, and Shirley Brill. In 2014 he was a participant of the Morningside Music Bridge program in Calgary (Canada), and worked there under the supervision of Prof. Paul Dorian, Prof. Fan Lei and Prof. Franklin Cohen. He also had the opportunity to meet Vladimir Ashkenazy at music workshops.

Currently, he is studying at the Universität Mozarteum Salzburg in the class of Prof. Andreas Schablas. He participates in many orchestral, chamber and solo projects, including as one of the artists at the Moritzburg Festival and a member of the Hauskonzerte initiative in Radenthein (Austria).

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