SK hi-tech battery materials Poland – the main sponsor of festival

15 September 2022

SK hi-tech battery materials Poland has been operating in Dąbrowa’s business space since 2018, when a plot of land was purchased in the Katowice Special Economic Zone in Tucznawa and the construction of the first production plant began. The company from the energy and materials sector produces separators used in lithium-ion batteries. The separator is a key element of the battery, placed between the cathode and the anode in the form of a thin microporous membrane (foil), which prevents overheating of the battery and the formation of a dangerous short circuit that could lead to ignition of the battery. It is also a product with a high added value that affects the performance and stability of the battery as well as its operating efficiency. The company’s activity is a response to the growing market need for the supply of batteries for electric cars. Thus, it is in line with the global trend of the increasing popularity of innovative means of transport.


Thanks to these investments, Dąbrowa Górnicza has not only become a strategic point on the map of the global market of modern technologies, but has also gained significant support in social activities, education, regional growth and activities for environmental protection. From the very beginning of its presence in our city, the SK Group company has been involved in activities in the field of corporate social responsibility to solve the root causes of social problems and create a sustainable social ecosystem in which disadvantaged people can achieve life stability. SK believes that the satisfaction of its stakeholders is one of the most important business values. SK hi-tech battery materials Poland has been supporting the activities of the Godne Życie Foundation in Dąbrowa for many years. This year, three patron classes were also opened in nearby technical schools, where students can gain knowledge in mechatronics technician, automation technician and robotics technician classes.


Currently, the company is preparing to open new production lines (investment phase 2), and at the same time, construction works are underway on the third and fourth phases, the completion of which is planned for 2026. As a result, the factory in Dąbrowa Górnicza will become the largest factory producing separators in the world, and will employ nearly 1,600 people.

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